Art Hotel Pallas

Contemporary art hotel in the heart of Tartu

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Designed with that familiar, relaxing comfort but peppered with an artistic touch. The hotel’s 62 rooms are located on the top three floors of the building, overlooking Tartu city centre or a quiet inner courtyard. The interior design of the rooms is inspired of the works of art of the art school Pallas artists, bringing colour and playfulness into the rooms. A good night’s sleep surrounded by art.



While staying at Art Hotel Pallas, you will be at the hub of Tartu city center, where the main street crosses the pedestrian street and the old town meets modern architecture together with an interior design inspired by the works of artists of the Pallas art school.

  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Spacious rooms
  • Restaurant Humal
  • Fresh and rich breakfast at restaurant Humal
  • Library lounge


Food brings people together and good flavours offer experiences remembered for a long time. Our four restaurants, each with a unique culinary identity and atmosphere, offer the joy of discovery and unforgettable culinary pleasures, from self-made cheese and pasta to pub food and Michelin-recommended gourmet dishes. Choose according to your taste!

The hotel’s ground floor restaurant Humal combines three important features of the food and drink culture – a restaurant, a bar and a pub. The food and drinks menu is mainly based on the old and loved pub culture with a contemporary twist.

A fresh and rich breakfast buffet is served at restaurant Humal on the ground floor of the hotel.

Green Key

Art hotel Pallas is proud owner of the Green Key certification. Green Key is an international eco-label for tourism businesses, and since 1994, it has been the leading standard that recognizes environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in tourism establishments. To date, approximately 4,000 businesses from 60 countries worldwide have obtained this certification.

Our objectives are as follows:

Reduce resource consumption: We aim to reduce excessive consumption of electricity, heat energy, ventilation, water, paper, materials, and data capacity.

Provide responsible accommodation and dining services: We adhere to local laws and ensure fair pricing, even in changing economic conditions.

Encourage a sustainable work culture: Our company motivates employees to think about and contribute to environmental issues while providing competitive wages and a safe working environment. We promote diversity and do not tolerate discrimination.

Collaboration with individuals with special needs: We collaborate with organizations to offer job opportunities and internships to individuals with special needs.

Resource efficiency: We continue to sort waste and prevent food waste.

Environmentally friendly solutions: We avoid the use of plastic packaging, prioritize environmentally friendly products, and replace non-sustainable products with eco-friendly alternatives.